10 Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving


I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is an amazing reminder to think of all the wonderful things we have to be THANKFUL for! I think the biggest thing that is often overlooked that I am so thankful for is my health. After years of working as a nurse, and now almost 3 years as a wellness coach, I see EVERY SINGLE DAY people fighting for control of their health. People that didn’t think anything of caring for themselves in their 20’s-30’s who are now in their 50’s-60’s with high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, or just uncomfortable in their bodies. EVERY single day I wake up and am thankful for the breath in my lungs and the ability to walk on Gods green Earth. I hope you take extra time this week to be thankful for the things around you, big and small.

I know it is EXTREMELY hard to take control, or stay on track, during the holidays. I thought I’d share my top 10 tips to staying {somewhat} on track over Thanksgiving!

1.) Eat breakfast! Do not deprive yourself before a big meal, get your metabolism moving with a healthy breakfast like gluten free oatmeal, overnight oats with greek yogurt and fruit or a veggie loaded omelette!

2.) Help out! Offer to bring a dish that you know you’ll enjoy, and one that is a healthy option too! Sometimes it is difficult to go places where we have no idea how it was prepared, or what exactly will be served. This way you KNOW you’ll have something you can fill up on that is GOOD for you, before the treats of course!

3.) Get movin! Don’t forget to get a quick workout in before the festivities begin! It will give you energy to keep up with the long day, and an endorphin boost to deal with any ‘difficult’ family members {wine can help too!}

4.) BACK AWAY! Stay away from your vices, for example if you are always tempted by the chips and dip, choose to distance yourself from that area and have meaningful conversations instead!

5.) HYDRATE. Water is SO important to not only keep you feeling FULL longer, but also to help flush the increased salt your body is going to ingest, helping you de-bloat faster!

6.) Easy as 1,2,3. Eat in order! Fill up on veggies and greens first, then meats, and then starches and treats last!

7.) Plan ahead. Prep your Friday-Sunday meals NOW so you’re all set to get back on track, because we all know you’re not going to have energy to do this after a long day, or during your Black Friday shopping!

8.) Make small cuts! Small skips will make a big difference! For example, choose to skip the whip cream on your pie, or the cheese on the salad, or the butter on the bread, toss the turkey skin (high in fat, and not the good kind)!

9.) SLOW down! Eat slowly and enjoy your food, so your brain has a chance to catch up to your stomach and tell you that you are FULL!

10.) ENJOY yourself! Don’t deprive yourself, and remember that one bad day won’t make you gain weight, just like one day of eating healthy won’t make you lose. Just be mindful and choose to reward yourself with one indulgence over multiple. Choose the pie or the wine, or smaller servings of both.

I hope you enjoy those ten tips, but more importantly I hope you have a day full of THANKSGIVING to those around you, with a heart full of love and gratitude for all your blessings.

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