My 21 Day Detox Diaries: The Ultimate Reset

“I will NEVER do that.” 

As a matter of fact, the thought did not even enter my mind for quite some time.


Those words came out of my mouth more times than I can count over the last two years when the topic of attempting the Ultimate Reset Detox would come up. NEVER is a harsh word… But I was CONVINCED it would be the type of detox where you go HUNGRY {not for me}, and you would feel deprived {which leads me to binge even more!}. I knew it would be a QUALITY detox, and all natural supplements because I know the standard that Beachbody products uphold, however the other ideas I created in my head led me to NEVER want to try this. Turns out, like most assumptions we make about things in life… mine could not have been FURTHER from the truth. Why did I finally have a change of heart?

I decided to do this not for physical changes, but more for mental and emotional clarity. I decided to take 21 days to create NEW habits for my inner and outer health. Part of that includes strengthening my relationship with God, my spouse, my family, and myself. I had been carrying a lot of pressure lately for various things, and holding others mistakes as weight on my own shoulders. I had a lot of EMOTIONAL weight to get rid of in those 21 days, not just physical. 

One thing I made sure to do to work on that emotional healing while the detox cleared the inside, was giving myself time to be STILL, to be PRESENT, not make ANY plans for 21 days {I’m a serial over-committer}, time for my devotions and prayer. The only workouts approved during this detox is light yoga and walking. The yoga was  incredible for my mood, my body, my hormones… Everything. Our world lives SO distracted and it was honestly a mental workout to just try to stay FOCUSED and intentional about my practice for even just 20 mins! It’s incredible how easy your mind can wander and get off track.

Little recap of what this is…

-21 Day Detox program
-all 100% real food with easy to follow meal plan and shopping lists {no crazy juice cleanses here!}
-gallon of water a day
-100% natural supplements {vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs}
-light yoga or walking as needed NO other workouts

This Reset will help you reclaim your body, weaning it from craving unhealthy foods and preparing it for change. You’ll release the toxic compounds that are clogging your cells, and restore your metabolism to maximum efficiency, feeding it with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs for healthy performance.

With the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ you get these benefits:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Increased endurance
  • Better digestion
  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • More positive mood
  • Increased mental clarity

There are 3 phases, each one week long.

PHASE 1 RECLAIM: You reclaim your body, preparing yourself for change. You’ll slowly start to remove the stress on your digestive system and help get your body back to a healthy pH balance. In this phase, you’ll gradually remove red meat and dairy from the diet.  This phase includes 4 supplements outside of the meal plan, power greens, mineralize, soothe and optimize. The purpose of these supplements is to help get your body back to your “factory settings” as I like to say, and get you back to a more balanced pH!! A diet high in greens helps the body maintain proper pH balance, and the American Diet full of processed foods, sugary treats, soda, alcohol, etc. leads your body to be more acidic and cause much stress to your system. Power Greens is a combination of 6 powerful greens: Kale, spiraling, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella. Now to be honest this is the #1 complaint of people doing the reset- taking this! I know it would taste like drinking GRASS, so I chose my daily snack to be vegan shakeology and chose to blend this into the shake so I didn’t even taste it!

To view my week 1 video recap click HERE.

PHASE 2 RELEASE: You help to release toxic compounds that are clogging your intestinal tract, blocking proper nutrient absorption. As harmful substances are carried away, your body should feel lighter and your energy should being to increase. You’ll now be eating a fully vegetarian diet. During week 2 a detox drink was added in 3 times a day to the supplements from week 1. This was LOADED with goodies from chia to flax to bioflavonoids and antioxidants galore! The consistency is that of a fiber drink, and it has a citrus flavor! During week 2 I was down 6.4 lbs but I would have taken the way I felt MENTALLY over the weight loss any day!

To view my week 2 video recap click HERE.

PHASE 3 RESTORE: You begin to restore your body to maximum efficiency, introducing essential enzymes and probiotics, and helping your body get the most from the foods that you eat – now mostly fruits and vegetables. SO MUCH FRUIT! So many people warn you to limit your fruits because of high sugar content… but that couldn’t be further from the TRUTH. As long as you are eating them at the right times, and in the proper amounts your body NEEDS, you will use that glucose for FUEL! It was so interesting to watch my body and taste buds change through this. Now fruit tastes so much more sweet, and I actually feel ENERGY from the sugars in the FOOD and not feeling like I need it from coffee!

To view my week 3 video recap click HERE.


This is not an easy program and can be as challenging as an extreme workout such as Insanity, or 21 Day Fix Extreme. fYou can consider this a workout for your insides and will get your internal organs functioning at a much more efficient level.

I didn’t do this to lose weight, I did this to regain control of my life. At day 21 I was down 7 lbs and .5″ from each arm, .5″ from each thigh and 1.25″ from waist {pics below!} with NO workouts other than light yoga and walking… But what I wish you could see is the INTERNAL transformation.


I honestly feel like this was a start to a whole new part of my life. A part to which I have CONTROL. Those closest to me know that on the inside, 2016 has been hands down the most challenging year to date. Life was on a tailspin and I felt completely out of control. I had to decide to do 2 things, 1.) hand it over to God, and 2.) control what I could on the inside, starting with myself.

For the last 2 years I was terrified to do this, honestly because I thought I’d fail. I thought I’d be hungry or crabby when truly that was a huge red flag to how emotionally attached I was to food as comfort and not food as fuel or medicine. Had I only known that once I got my own excuses and fear out of the way, the rest would be a breeze.

These 21 days for me were about more than a meal plan, it was about saying NO to things, despite how much I wanted to do them, and saying YES to dealing with personal things, and just being present. Saying YES to slowing down.

I found a way to fit this plan into my life in a manner I could realistically commit to for 21 days without feeling hungry, deprived, or in satisfied {reset in a crunch it’s called}. I know 90% of my customers complain of lack of time and I wanted to show them a way they could relate to! For a bonus video on how I meal prepped through my journey click HERE.

What I’ve realized:

-I can slow down.

-My body functions 200% better on non processed foods.

-I can follow this long term.

-Yoga is incredible when your mind is in it.

-Food is powerful.

-Meal prepping can be efficient, cost effective, and saves me in my busy weeks.

-What hormonal stability can really feel like.

If you’re ready to ditch the emotional fog, stomach aches, no energy, break physical plateaus, and just all around ready to fee your best let me know if this sounds like something you’re ready to try! Click HERE to chat and see if this is right for you!








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