5 Minute Healthy SWEET Treat

Sweet tooth? Me too… 

I’m the type of person that “needs” something sweet after every meal. As you can imagine, this could very easily get out of control if you’re eating every 1-2 hours and a ravishingly hungry pumping momma! I decided to find a quick and easy go to recipe for a sweet fix that had ingredients high in healthy fats, clean sugars, and met the ultimate guideline of taking less than 5 minutes because #momlife.

SO, if you want a QUICK {less than 5 min} 4 ingredient healthy sweet treat to make for any special event {or just because you love yourself} you’ve gotta try these out!

•2Tbsp honey {I use whole earth stevia honey for 1/2 the sugar}
•2/3C all natural PB
•1C old fashioned oats
•1/2C mini chocolate chips {I use enjoy life brand}

Mix together, roll into balls, pop in fridge to set and ENJOY! 

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