About Sarah Gaub: The Hot Mess Mommy

Don’t worry, Jesus loves your hot mess. Reality is, it is easy to love our family and everyone else as Jesus did, but when it comes to loving yourself as He loves you, you’ve become a hot mess. While meeting everyone else’s needs as a mom you forgot that YOU too have spiritual, emotional, and physical needs to care for. Slowly your devotion time is filled with diaper changes. Your personal hygiene routine consists of a piece of gum and some dry shampoo. Your nutrition plan is whatever your kids are have left on their plate when they’re done eating. The extent of your time spent working on your fitness includes chasing after your when they dart off in the store. You pray for God to protect and care for everyone you love, but forget to pray for yourself for the strength to maintain all the responsibilities you have to uphold. By the end of the day you crash because you are mentally, emotionally and physically drained. Although you’re a hot mess, being a mom is the best job in the world and you wouldn’t have it any other way. As a #hotmessmommy myself, I get it. I understand how quickly the needs of everything around you can consume your time, thoughts, and energy and leave caring for yourself off the radar. I have found a way to BETTER care for my relationship with God, my family and my home, and it started by caring for myself spiritually, emotionally and physically. I started working out at home with in home programs, because who has time to pack the kids up, drag diaper bags, bottles, gym bags, and car seats to the gym? Oh, and get yourself ready to be in public too.. what is that again? By the time you’d get packed up and ready to head out, it was time to nurse again, change a diaper, or calm a meltdown and you felt like you got a workout in before ever stepping foot outside your home. I joined an online support and accountability group that helped me learn to start my DAY with Jesus, my WEEK with meal planning and intention, and my MONTH with a goal. I’m the strongest, happiest, and healthiest I’ve ever been and that shows in all areas of my life. I have learned how to arrange my day around the proper priorities that are essential to me being the best mom I can be, and it has led me to ENJOY the hot mess instead of feeling consumed by it. By creating my ME time and aligning my priorities I am able to GIVE more to those who deserve it, myself included. I am looking for SERIOUS and DRIVEN women who are ready to take control of their health inside and out, who are ready to love their hot mess as Jesus does, and join a group of supportive women who are working together to give more to those we love, starting with yourself. Ready to get started? Click HERE.

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