10 Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is an amazing reminder to think of all the wonderful things we have to be THANKFUL for! I think the biggest thing that is often overlooked that I am so thankful for is my health. After years of working as a nurse, and now almost 3 years as a wellness coach, I[…]

Eggroll in a Bowl

These were SO easy, SO quick, and SO good.  Eggrolls without the fried greasy pile of calories? YES PLEASE! My friend Cami shared this recipe with me, and I was hesitant because I actually dislike “real” egg rolls {GASP!}. BUT I was out of dinner ideas and was on a roll of trying new things,[…]

HEALTHY Mac & Cheese

A healthy spin on a childhood fav. I don’t want to be that mom who obsesses over everything her kid eats… but I also want to do my best to give her a healthy balance at home. If I follow an 80/20 goal to healthy foods and treat foods, I think its a good goal[…]

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Anything Buffalo Chicken gets my FULL attention.  During my 21 day Detox I completed last month, which you can read about HERE, I fell deeper in love with sweet potatoes. They were not only a great way to get my CARB cravings fulfilled and satisfied, but they also are a nutritional powerhouse.  This recipe is[…]

Healthy Chicken Lo Mein

A recipe so good you’ll prefer this over the real deal!  I recently ventured out of my norm and tried some new recipes for dinner, and to my surprise almost ALL of them were winners… but this one was the overall favorite by far, so of course I had to share! Chicken Lo Mein Ingredients[…]