The BEST {healthy} Cookie Recipe

A cookie that contains over 70 superfoods… and tastes, dare I say, better than a REESES? I promise you I am not kidding. There is one thing I don’t joke around about, and that is sweets. Nothing pisses me off more than someone saying “here try this healthy recipe, it tastes SO good…” and it[…]

Secrets to a Veggie Loving Kid: Pre to Post-Natal and Beyond!

Ok mommas {or soon to be mommas!} I want to let you in on some of my biggest mom FAILS so far, some things I’ve learned along the way in regards to my child’s health, and my own personal experiences healing my kids immune system with FOOD. I began to really look into more natural[…]

10 Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is an amazing reminder to think of all the wonderful things we have to be THANKFUL for! I think the biggest thing that is often overlooked that I am so thankful for is my health. After years of working as a nurse, and now almost 3 years as a wellness coach, I[…]

Eggroll in a Bowl

These were SO easy, SO quick, and SO good.  Eggrolls without the fried greasy pile of calories? YES PLEASE! My friend Cami shared this recipe with me, and I was hesitant because I actually dislike “real” egg rolls {GASP!}. BUT I was out of dinner ideas and was on a roll of trying new things,[…]