The BEST {healthy} Cookie Recipe

A cookie that contains over 70 superfoods… and tastes, dare I say, better than a REESES? I promise you I am not kidding. There is one thing I don’t joke around about, and that is sweets. Nothing pisses me off more than someone saying “here try this healthy recipe, it tastes SO good…” and it[…]

Oatmeal Raisin Shake

Oatmeal Raisin vs Oatmeal Chocolate Chip… they’re both winners in my book, especially when they don’t pack the unwanted calories and artificial ingredients. This is my go-to cure for my cookie cravings recipe! Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Shakeology takes the healthy ingredients that give the cookies their name, adds a dash of cinnamon for spice, and blends them[…]

Candy Corn Without the Empty Calories

Candy Corn is L I F E {if we lived in a world where artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup couldn’t kill us}. Candy corn may taste like Heaven to your taste buds, but candy corn also has some of the scariest ingredients among other Halloween Candy choices. THANKFULLY I found an amazing healthy[…]

100 Doctors Don’t Lie

Doctors are using and recommending Shakeology to their patients. We need MORE of this in our world! Too often we are throwing medications at issues that can be fixed NATURALLY with a healthy diet and exercise! Even if you searched all over the world, you probably wouldn’t be able to find all of the 70-plus, ultra-high-quality[…]