I’m curious… have you thought about how you’re going to start 2018 yet? Thought about your goals for this coming year, and about what you might be able to accomplish in ONE YEAR?  I truly believe that how we START the year sets the tone for all the months to follow, and I’d love to be by your side as you START STRONG!

I wanted to let you know about an incredible NEW program and some EARLY access deals that you won’t want to miss out on! Some of you might know who she is… miss Autumn Calabrese, creator of one of our BEST programs 21 Day Fix, has created a NEW revolutionary program called 80 Day Obsession which will be launching 1/15/18. Autumn was on a call not long ago talking about the name of the program, and she said “this isn’t about becoming obsessed with the way you look, the scale, your progress, its about becoming obsessed with CARING FOR YOU AGAIN…” that hit me hard. Let’s make THIS our mission for 2018!


Let me give you a quick run down about what you might see with this program:

  • It is a program for ALL shapes/sizes/fitness levels… BUT it is no joke. It is an extreme program. YES there are modifiers, but this is not for someone going half in, this is for someone ready to start the year giving themselves 110% efforts to live their healthiest life.
  • 80 DIFFERENT workouts… yep, you’ll NEVER do the same workout twice, leading to LOTS of muscle confusion and even MORE results.
  • Total body workouts with extra emphasis on CORE and BUNS.
  • 45-60 mins a day 6 days a week (like I said, not a quick fix)
  • NEW nutrition plan with timed nutrition eliminating ALL the guess work of when to eat what containers. Autumn really TEACHES you WHY to eat THESE containers THIS amount of time before or after your workouts, WHY to take these supplements WHEN… you will learn SO MUCH about your body and how to fuel it properly!
  • Equipment needed are bands, sliders and a set of dumbbells

If you already are a BOD customer of mine you will automatically have access to this program come launch day! If your membership is expiring at the end of this month, this program is reason enough in my opinion to renew for this coming year… let alone a few others I know about that are going to be INCREDIBLE as well! AND if you’re NOT a BOD member there are some INSANE deals for you to snag not only this program but an entire YEARS worth of all the new programs launching, and all of the old ones as well!

There are some deeply DISCOUNTED (limited time ONLY) packages available to YOU through 1/14/18. Whether you HAVE BOD, HAVE Shakeology, or need BOTH, there is a deal for you… but again for a limited time only! If you’re interested I can tell you more about these, they will be available starting 12/14, simply email me at [email protected]!

If you’re ready to snag these savings AND try out a sneak peek of the program with me when that launches on 12/20 let me know ASAP by filling out THIS FORM and I can get you on the VIP email list to get your hands on these discounted packages as soon as they are released!

I will be running a private 80 Day Obsession group for all of my customers investing in OBSESSING with THEMSELVES again starting on launch day 1/15/18! #happynewREAR

ANDDD because these before and afters from my friends who got to be a part of the test group are just too good not to share, I had to include them! Let me know if you’d like to jump in and be a part of this movement to GET OBSESSED with YOU again, starting 2018 off with a ton of self love and respect by signing up HERE to be a part of the #happynewREAR group!

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