My Personal Testimony

If I can, anyone can.

Trust me when I say that. Yes, I grew up athletic, and no I was never “overweight,” but that does not mean that my journey to FIT didn’t come with just as many excuses or roadblocks as anyone else. 

I used to be ADDICTED to Mt. Dew. I used to eat Snickers and Bagels D A I L Y. I ate fast food all the time. I worked out occasionally as an adult, but would follow the gym with a “treat meal,” because well, I deserved it right?

Insert meeting my husband. He played professional baseball at the time we met, and he was in amazing shape and took care of his body like his livelihood depended on it. Eating healthy wasn’t a battle for him. He did it because he viewed it as having no other choice. His body had to perform at its best, so he knew he had to put only the best in. After a LOT of whining, complaining, and trying to convince him I would seriously DIE without Mt. Dew, he finally got me to quit. Then after that I slowly started to not “need” sweets after every meal. Then I started working out and fueling my body with these better meal choices after! I was hooked on feeling GREAT!

BUT…Slowly life got more hectic, and I had to grow up. Instead of having time to go to the gym, I was now had to adult and clock in to two different nursing jobs. Insert the “I don’t have TIME” excuse here. I started packing on the night shift nurse weight, and making poor choices again. I felt lost. Defeated. I had worked so hard to make GOOD changes, only to get myself back to the sugar addicted person I was before!

I heard of this 30 min in home workout program called the 21 Day Fix. I figured why not give this a try, I NEED something, and I can manage 30 mins if I don’t need to leave my house and can do this in my pajamas! Well, 21 days later and I was SHOCKED at my results.


I had such amazing results, I was HOOKED on this company and the products they offered. All my friends and family were asking what I was doing to get these results, and it was SO fun sharing with them the new meals I was making, and encouraging them to try these workouts too! I decided to start coaching because I was having a blast helping people I loved get the same results I got, and I wanted a discount on these products I couldn’t live without… and now the rest is history!

But my physical transformation hasn’t been just one before and after. From infertility weight gain, hormonal struggles with PCOS, to a fit pregnancy, to my post partum journey, and life with an 80/20 balance the transformation is ongoing. You can ALWAYS be better than you were before. Are you ready to be better than your best?

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