Private Fitness Support Group

The missing piece…

Have you tried a nutritional plan or fitness program in the past and did AWESOME the first week, and then fell completely off the wagon? That used to be me! Well, after almost 3 years of experience coaching I have found the *missing piece* that causes so many people to never FINISH, in turn causing them to never truly reach their goals.



Those two simple words are what changed it all for me, and 100’s of my customers. Once my customers were a part of my private online support groups where they had a bit of daily motivation, other people sharing their meal ideas, their post workout smiles, their struggles and their success, they were suddenly at the end of their program and finishing something START to FINISH for the first time. They felt for the first time they had someone who was cheering them on. They had a group of LIKE minded people, all on the same mission, who they could check in with everyday. They had my guidance as their personal coach to answer questions, to check in weekly, and to offer on going support.

There is something powerful about the ripple effect. When one person in the group would have a long day at work, and still not have gotten their workout in, but they saw 4 other people checking in that day, who also had long days, some even more taxing than theirs, they decide to put their excuses aside and press PLAY too! It is a private place to check in when you’re sitting in a break room full of treats and so PROUD of yourself for passing up the donuts, but you feel you cant share that with any of your friends because they will criticize you for your healthy choice, rather than support you. A place to vent, to cry, to celebrate, and to have fun. Because that is what reaching your goals should be about!

How does it work?

I will personally chat with you about your goals, your habits, your strengths and your weaknesses. We will pick a program that fits your time commitments, that supports your nutritional goals, and your physical demands. You will get a full workout program, a month of daily superfoods that will supplement your diet with the BEST of the best all natural nutrition to really get your body functioning at its best, a nutritional plan, and that missing piece… the support group and my online coaching! 

If this sounds like something that could help you reach your goals, I’d love to chat more! Let’s start by clicking HERE.

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