Secrets to a Veggie Loving Kid: Pre to Post-Natal and Beyond!

Ok mommas {or soon to be mommas!} I want to let you in on some of my biggest mom FAILS so far, some things I’ve learned along the way in regards to my child’s health, and my own personal experiences healing my kids immune system with FOOD.

I began to really look into more natural remedies after my daughter was trending to be on an antibiotic A MONTH for the first year of her LIFE {WAY too much in my opinion!}. Now, I’m a RN, so I appreciate modern medicine 100%, but I used to work in a critical care setting where it was used when ABSOLUTELY necessary…. I don’t so much support throwing antibiotics at anything that resembles a runny nose.

One of my “crunchy momma” friends Joy {kindly and bravely when giving mom advice/opinions to another mom} said out of the GOODNESS of her heart “maybe you want to just consider skipping dairy for a bit?” I didn’t listen, and low and behold ear tubes and CONTINUED infections after tubes I finally listened to Joy. I cut the dairy, did more research on other natural things to add, and also started to reflect on what I could have done differently when transitioning her into solid foods. My poor baby’s gut was DESTROYED by chronic antibiotic use, and what that does is kill the good flora and bacteria in your gut {even when taking probiotics}, which is the HOME to our immune system, so when she was exposed to the littlest sniffle, she didn’t have an immunity to fight it off! But thankfully, I’ve seen AMAZING changes in her health and we are on our longest street antibiotic free since she has been born! I’m PROUD of that and I’m excited to collaborate with my friend Joy to deliver the tips she has taught me as a holistic health practitioner, my experiences, and much more in a free 7 day group full of tips and tricks to getting your kids HEALTHY from the inside out, starting with what they EAT!

We wholeheartedly believe that when kids are eating in a way that serves their bodies best it can help mitigate asthma ADHD, prevent illnesses, improve behavior and sleep patterns. We believe these things not because of scientific proof, but from our very own personal experiences with our children. We want to share our hindsight/lessons learned from healing our kids from relying on chronic use of antibiotics, healing chronic ear infections, improved behavioral tendencies, sleep patterns, healing constipation issues and so much more. Now, trust me when I say our kids still get sick, and act like little jerks sometimes, BUT when they do get sick they usually have a strong enough immune system to fight it off within 48 hours!

Our goal for you is to leave this group with a plethora of tips and tricks that aren’t about serving up broccoli or brussels sprouts, but how to make the foods that kids will WANT to eat, and for the moms that have picky eaters already to learn how to UPGRADE those foods and get the most nutritional bang each meal. From things you can do BEFORE you even get pregnant, to eating well during pregnancy and breastfeeding, to learning about when your child’s palette is fully formed, to introducing solids, and combating picky eaters who have already been set in their ways!

I will make this clear: we are not nutritionists or pediatricians. As I said, Joy is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and I am a RN. However, we are not here to spew a ton of science at you, we are moms that wanted the best for our kids, took action, and are here to share with you step by step the changes we made from pre to postnatal and beyond that YOU can make too!

We want to share tips to set your child up for a LIFETIME of health. To get you started with good habits early on to PREVENT health issues in the future!

We kick off 3/20! Click HERE to join the private group!


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